Wet Chemical Systems

Proshield Fire & Security can upgrade your current system to UL300 standards or install a new wet chemical system that is UL300 compliant. The technicians at Proshield Fire & Security can inspect and maintain most brands of wet chemical systems, and provide the NFPA required semi-annual inspection reports and certification tags.

Wet chemical systems work in conjunction with exhaust hoods, and are activated manually or by fusible links that activate when heated to a specified temperature. The liquid solution is distributed through fixed nozzles providing protection for the appliances, ducts and plenum. The wet chemical suppresses cooking fires by cooling down the surfaces it protects and creating a protective layer that keeps the fire out.

Older wet chemical systems and dry chemical systems used to protect kitchen hoods may not meet UL300 or NFPA standards. Some older wet chemical systems may be updated with newer components to help make them compliant with current requirements. Dry chemical systems do not meet current requirements and should be replaced.


Proshield Fire & Security - Wet Chemical Systems