Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems provide a means to identify a developing fire though detectors or manual pull stations and alerting building occupants to a fire condition and the need to evacuate. The system may also signal the fire department and can initiate automatic fire suppression systems. The control panel is the brain of the alarm system and is responsible for monitoring the alarm input devices such as detection and activating output devices such as signaling.

Proshield Fire & Security employs NICET certified and state licensed technicians to ensure that the fire alarm system services offered and install are in compliance with the latest code requirements and regulations.




The most common cause of false or nuisance alarms in alarm systems are a lack of periodic testing and maintenance. Even the best alarm system can be rendered ineffective if not properly installed, inspected and maintained. Damage, dirt, remodeling, poor installation and age are some ways that can affect a system’s performance.

Our professional, NICET certified experts are fully equipped with the latest technology in fire alarm test equipment and able to service all types of fire systems.




In most buildings, the greatest risk of loss due to fire or intruders occurs when the facility is unoccupied. Proshield Fire & Security provides FM Approved, 24/7 off-site monitoring service of your company’s fire and security systems.

We will reprogram your fire and security panel to make it compatible. Should a trouble or an alarm condition come in on either your security or fire alarm systems, our service department will be notified to contact you to schedule repair and service.


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